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Anchor and Warp

Hartley Boats Anchor and Warp

Buoyant Head Pad

Hartley Boats Buoyant Head Pad

Jib Sheets - 6mm

Hartley Boats Jib Sheets - 6mm

Jib Sheets - 8mm

Hartley Boats Jib Sheets - 8mm

Kestrel  Boom

Selden Kestrel Boom

Kestrel  Racing Mainsail

Jeckells Kestrel Racing Mainsail

Kestrel  Sails Full Suit

Hartley Boats Kestrel Sails Full Suit

Kestrel  Selden Spreader Bracket

Hartley Boats Kestrel Selden Spreader Bracket

£36.97 £31.43
Kestrel Alloy Center Plate

Hartley Boats Kestrel Alloy Center Plate

Kestrel Alloy Upgrade

Hartley Boats Kestrel Alloy Upgrade

Kestrel Bottom Gudgeon

Sea Sure Kestrel Bottom Gudgeon

£18.60 £15.81
Kestrel Crew Toe Straps

Hartley Boats Kestrel Crew Toe Straps

£39.98 £33.99
Kestrel Flat Cover

Hartley Boats Kestrel Flat Cover

Kestrel Helm Toe Straps

Hartley Boats Kestrel Helm Toe Straps

£40.84 £34.71
Kestrel Hoop

Hartley Boats Kestrel Hoop

Kestrel Kingpost

Hartley Boats Kestrel Kingpost

Kestrel Overboom Cover Polly Cotton

Hartley Boats Kestrel Overboom Cover Polly Cotton

Kestrel Padded Toestraps

Hartley Boats Kestrel Padded Toestraps

£59.98 £50.98
Kestrel Pole End

Hartley Boats Kestrel Pole End

Kestrel Race Rudder Blade

JJ Foils Kestrel Race Rudder Blade

Kestrel Racing Center Plate

Hartley Boats Kestrel Racing Center Plate

Kestrel Racing Genoa

Jeckells Kestrel Racing Genoa

Kestrel Racing Sails full suit

Hartley Boats Kestrel Racing Sails full suit

Kestrel Racing Spinnaker

Jeckells Kestrel Racing Spinnaker

Kestrel Rudder Assembly Complete

Hartley Boats Kestrel Rudder Assembly Complete

Kestrel Rudder Bag

Hartley Boats Kestrel Rudder Bag

Kestrel Spinnaker Pole

Selden Kestrel Spinnaker Pole

Kestrel Spinnaker Sock

Hartley Boats Kestrel Spinnaker Sock

Kestrel Tapared Spinnaker Sheets

Hartley Boats Kestrel Tapared Spinnaker Sheets

Kestrel Top Gudgeon Fitting

Hartley Boats Kestrel Top Gudgeon Fitting

£9.98 £8.49
Kestrel Under Cover

Hartley Boats Kestrel Under Cover

Mainsheet Jammer  - Block Not Included

Allen Mainsheet Jammer - Block Not Included

Open Vernier adjuster

Allen Open Vernier adjuster

Packing Piece

Hartley Boats Packing Piece

£1.69 £1.44
Rudder Retaining Clip

Sea Sure Rudder Retaining Clip

£4.68 £3.98
Sail Numbers in Black

Hartley Boats Sail Numbers in Black

Super Max bailers

Elvstrom Andersen Super Max bailers

Tiller Extension Long

Hartley Boats Tiller Extension Long

Tiller Extension Std

Hartley Boats Tiller Extension Std

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